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Drone Repair

We have a range of passionate and hardworking technicians who are qualified to work on diverse range of drones. Our technicians are also DJI certified RMT’s, therefore able to work on any DJI drone. We offer free quotations and our repairs are expeditious and efficiency. There are no limits to our repairs, from post-crash repairs to regular maintenance such as firmware updates, calibrations and prop changes.

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Drone Rentals

We provide renting services of our wide variety of drone fleet. Our conditions are very flexible and accommodative to all needs. Amongst our fleet is the much adored DJI Matrice 300 and a wide range of Mavics. We also supply drones to cater for your needs. Amongst our team is a group of licensed and experienced pilots who are qualified to provide surveillance and media drone services. Please contact us for the drone supply services.

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Drone Sales

We sell a wide range of drones ranging from rotary blade drones (tricopters, quadcopters, hexacopters and octacopters), fixed wing, underwater and fixed wing hybrid vertical take-off and landing drones (VTOL). Having different categories of drones means that we can cater for all your needs, for example, mapping, videography, search and rescue, surveillance and photography. Visit our shop and explore the world of drones. Our shop also provides our valuable clients with diverse payloads required to fly drones that accommodate cameras. These include the in demand DJI Zenmuse H20 and FLIR VUE TZ20. We sell both brand new and pre-owned drowns. We also offer trade in options.

Drone Consultancy

We provide consultation services for aviation compliance with the SACAA. Be it airworthiness, personal licensing or overall compliance related to Remotely piloted aircraft systems.

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